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20 Jun 2010
Dear Steve Jobs, the MacPad.

Dear Steve Jobs,

we all love the Mac, the iMac, the Macbook Pro and the whole family. The iPad is also very successful, but I’m not getting one.
Instead I’m getting a MacPad, the new product you’re lunching next year. Because you are, aren’t you?

The problem:

With an iPad you run around the house or the office and you have your emails, web and music with you. But you don’t have OS X with Photoshop and GarageBand. Which is OK because you’re not going to use them while walking around anyway.
Now you need to work on Photoshop and other professional applications; you go and sit at your desk and use your Macbook Pro, or iMac. What about the iPad? It’s gonna sit there. Useless.

The solution:

Combine the iPad with the Mac.

Here’s the idea:
You’re sitting at your desk, working on your Macbook Pro. You’re using Photoshop, GarageBand and more on OS X. The OS X, Hard Drive, RAM and everything is in the bottom part, where the keyboard is (just as it is now).
Suddenly you have to run out of the office for a meeting.
Simply detach the screen from the rest and go. That screen you just grabbed is actually more than a screen, it’s an iPad. It functions as a simple screen when it’s attached to its body, but when on the go, it uses iOS, its own hard drive, RAM etc. So you can keep checking your emails or the web on the run and bring with you that Keynote that you have to present to your client at the meeting. Your photos, documents or videos will be synchronized… of course.

Because Apple is a “mobile” company!

So what’s it gonna be? $1299?

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  1. 4 August 2010

    I love it! This is an awesome idea! Why did no body think of this before?

  2. 26 August 2010

    they did – do you remember the docking-station? it´s the same idea, but not so nice like that. i´ve the ipad and can say – yeah you´re right.

  3. 21 October 2010

    It’ll never happen because instead of being able to sell 2 products, they’ll only be able to sell one – and make less money.

  4. 21 October 2010

    Very valid sales-strategy point Leo!

  5. 21 October 2010

    Money is a second thought! You can rule with the right product which is a ipad that can be “docked” to a computer! That solves many issues with the ipad vs computer. I was getting close to the purchase of the ipad, but still waiting for a few more features that I need. Waiting on a macbook for the touch screen. They all need to come together.

  6. 26 October 2010

    Back when we knew something was brewing at Apple (which later turned out to be the ipad), I run into this beautiful looking piece of hardware from Always Innovating (, and I dreamed of having something simiar from Apple… a low-priced netbook with a detachable touchscreen. What we got instead, was frankly so disappointing it has me seriously looking at much more innovative, open alternatives.

  7. 18 November 2011

    I completely stumbled across your blog and I LOVE IT! It is truly brilliant. Keep it up! :)